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Deyrolle Taxidermy

Paris' fabled purveyor of exotic taxidermy and natural history curios. 


Deyrolle was founded by well-known entomologist Emile Deyrolle in 1831, and has been at its current two-story premises since 1881.

Exotic taxidermy, entomology, and natural history specimens displayed in antique wooden cases and glass bell jars have made this store a destination for Parisians ever since it opened its doors. The shop was frequented by famous artists and writers seeking inspiration for their paintings and literature such as Vladimir Nabokov, Pablo Picasso, Ernst Junger, Amadeo Modigliani, and Salvador Dali. In 2008, much of the store was destroyed in a predawn conflagration that left in its wake a haunting tableau of singed wings and charred fur.

With the help of artists and collectors worldwide, the store has been largely rebuilt from that fire. Today everything from house cats to polar bears are once again on display in Deyrolle. The store itself has also managed to maintain its 19th-century decor, with beautiful wooden cases and specimen drawers throughout. Though some of the more exotic animals are not for sale, almost everything in the store is available for rent—should one ever need a lion for a night.

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