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A futuristic rocket marks the spot where three borders meet. 


A certain point in the Rhine marks the point where three countries meet. While it is hard to get there without a boat, the nearby marker makes up for it. 

The tri-border point, or Dreiländereck as it is called in German, marks the point where Germany, France, and Switzerland intersect. The marker itself is built to resemble a futuristic rocket, with one of the three country flags on each of the wings. It is located on a piece of Swiss land approximately 150 meters (495 feet) southeast of the actual point where the three borders intersect.

What makes this tri-border point rare compared to most is that there are no passports or visas needed to cross it, or any other border in that location, given that all three countries have a free travel agreement.

Know Before You Go

The point is freely accessible but does require a bit of a walk. The nearest tram station is about 20 minutes away, and you have to pass through a gentrified industrial neighborhood.

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