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Gobbler's Knob

Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

A tradition unlike any other, this marks the site of the annual Groundhog's Day tradition. 


People gather here very early (some arrive before 5:00 am) the morning of February 2nd to see Phil the Groundhog predict if we will have 6 more weeks of winter or if spring is just around the corner.

Phil waits in his burrow until the moment of sunrise when a member of the Inner Circle (Phil’s top-hat-and-tails-wearing handlers) lets Phil out. Phil tells the Inner Circle if he saw his shadow or not and the announcement is made.

You can stay at one of the nearby hotels or for a few bucks you can grab a spot on the floor at the Community Center, which also doubles as a theater. These days, a relatively new tradition has been added to the age-old celebration. Screenings of the movie Groundhog Day are played at the theater the night before.

After the grand event, visitors are invited to meet Phil the Groundhog and wander the city to see the 32 different Fantastic Phil statues dispersed throughout Punxsutawney.

Adding a bit of science to the folk tale, a small interactive weather learning center housed in the old post office, known as the Weather Discover Center, recently opened.

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