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The JELL-O Gallery Museum

Le Roy, New York

The birthplace of America's favorite fruit-flavored mystery dessert. 


The JELL-O Gallery is located in the place JELL-O was born and went on to become “America’s Most Famous Dessert”–the little town of Le Roy, New York.

Located about 30 minutes from Rochester, this small but very comprehensive museum explores the history and production of JELL-O. In 1897, a Le Roy carpenter expanded on the gelatin dessert patented some 50 years earlier. He didn’t have the business acumen to market his fruity product though, so he sold the rights to a local salesman for a mere $450. He named it JELL-O. Then it came in four flavors: orange, lemon, strawberry, and raspberry. It had been a LeRoy favorite, but after successful advertising campaigns in ladies’ journals and on the radio it became an international sensation, taking the world by storm with it’s fruity goodness. 

The gallery explores the local connections, the creation process and several famous JELL-O advertising campaigns. Also within the gallery is an entire room devoted to JELL-O’s most well-known spokesperson, Bill Cosby (he has visited the museum only once).

The gallery curators are knowledgeable and friendly. They love to talk JELL-O and share general knowledge and the history of the village of Le Roy. Ask them for a lunch recommendation, if anyone knows the direction to something tasty in town it’s them.


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