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Lange Duinen

Soest, Netherlands

This large sand dune in the Netherlands is home to wind-whipped trees with "floating" roots. 


There’s a massive sand dune in the Dutch town of Soest. “Lange Duinen” (the Long Dunes) a prime spot for an afternoon stroll, a peaceful place where locals love to stretch their legs and walk their dogs atop the soft, forgiving terrain. It’s also a fascinating place to witness the wind’s craftsmanship still at work.

The mass of sand is encircled by woodland, and there are unique trees scattered within the dune as well. Here, you’ll find some trees with “floating” roots. Though it looks like the trees are climbing out from the sand to take their own walk throughout the park, their exposed roots are actually a result of wind erosion.

The Long Dunes, as well as the nearby Short Dunes, are a geological monument of the Netherlands. The stretch of sand offers a rare, important glimpse of the region’s natural environment and the geological processes that shape it. The sands were pushed south during the advance of the last ice age, and they’ve remained here since, though the wind continues to influence the area.

Know Before You Go

Wear shoes. The beautiful soft, white sand is very inviting. However, it's important to remember it's a public park and so you might step in something sticky or smelly.

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