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Mukluk Land

Tok, Alaska

This junkyard made over as a theme park is the "Most Alaskan place in Alaska." 


The tiny town of Tok, located at the intersection of Interstate A1 and Interstate A2, is called the “Gateway to Alaska.” Just outside of Tok is Mukluk Land, the “Most Alaskan place in Alaska.”

Mukluks are soft boots made of reindeer or seal skin, traditionally worn by native Alaskans. Mukluk Land is the Alaskan interpretation of a theme park, built from scraps and salvage.

A junkyard made over as an amusement park, Mukluk Land features a hodgepodge of busted fire engines and snow machines, a Santa Claus rocket ship on wheels, whack-a-mole, cotton candy, a doll mausoleum, a giant mosquito, a trampoline igloo, mini-golf, gold panning, an outhouse collection and a skee-ball alley. As well as the world’s largest mukluk.

Mukluk Land was founded in 1985 by George and Beth Jacobs and hosts George’s many eccentric collections. George and Beth conduct tours and man the machines. They also publish Tok’s community newspaper, the Mukluk News.

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Three miles west of Tok, Alaska on the Alaska Highway.

Opens daily 2-7 p.m. from June 1 - August 20.

In partnership with KAYAK

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