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Necromance is permanently closed.

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Medical and zoological curiosities for sale. 


Ever thought you needed a stuffed albino peacock to add to your decor? Or are you in the market for some Victorian bone saws? Necromance has both along with many other medical and zoological oddities.

Opened in 1991, Necromance is a seller of oddities and curiosities. It has a large selection of preserved insects and skeleton animal remains along with glass eyes, bone saws, vintage cat gut sutures and freeze dried bats.

Many objects found in Necromance are one-of-a-kind and/or vintage antiques. If you see something you like there, it very well might not be there later.

For those who may interested in finding that special and odd postcard, this is one of the absolute best places to find something perfect.  Necromance has several racks of strange and unusual postcards to send your cool friend or weird Aunt Melda.

The curiosities couldn’t be contained in one location previously, so it was split into two locations, just a couple doors apart. Due to the very high rents, the owners were unfortunately unable to maintain the two venue spaces and thus have reduced to one that is approximately half its original size.  

When the shops were biforcate, one portion housed natural specimens selling preserved bugs, vintage taxidermy, assorted animal bones, as well as zoological prints. The second portion, previously located a couple doors down, showcased all of the medical antiques, macabre books, and skull emblazoned items that you’ll ever desire.

Know Before You Go

Parking on Melrose is a nightmare. You may get lucky with side street parking depending on the day. Watch the signs around where you are parking as tows and tickets are big in this area. Consider a rideshare or public transit option. Park at your own risk if you can find it!

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