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Psychic Chicken of Seattle

Deep into the lower floors of Pike Place, find a date with fowl fate. 


Seattle’s Psychic Chicken is a zany take on the classic Zoltar-style machines, with an amusement machine that houses a spinning rubber chicken set atop a pile of plastic eggs. For just a few quarters, the Psychic Chicken will spin and cluck as it considers your fortune. The machine then dispenses one of the eggs which has a unique fortune inside. 

The inventor of the world-famous Psychic Chicken works at Orange Dracula, the shop that cares for this mystical rubber chicken. They purchased the chicken machine when it was originally used to dispense random plastic toys. The shop took a new approach for the machine, using the rubber chicken’s powers to dispense fortunes instead.

Know Before You Go

The chicken is located just outside the Orange Dracula shop. 

It costs two quarters to get your fortune, quarters only. 

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