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Roscoe the Rooster

The rooster who crossed the road lives on forever in Takoma Park, Maryland. 


Why did the chicken cross the road? In the case of Roscoe the Rooster, it’s because he could. Over and over again.

For 10 years, Roscoe the Rooster roamed the town of Takoma Park and crossed the road whenever he pleased.  Drivers stopped for Roscoe, residents provided him with food and shelter, and eventually the police and local animal control gave up on trying to catch him. 

Roscoe arrived in Takoma Park in 1989, though nobody seems to know where he came from. Roscoe was often seen walking along the sidewalks, resting in a local’s front yard, or, occasionally, deviously (and purposefully, according to residents) holding up traffic. Though some locals were annoyed by his crowing and roosterly antics, most embraced his presence. 

Sadly, in 1999 Roscoe fell victim to a hit and run. Local residents banded together to commission a statue in his memory, and in 2000 a life-sized statue created by Normon Green was installed in the pedestrian and chicken friendly median on Laurel Avenue.  

To this day, locals “dress up” the statue in holiday gear and other costumes. Roscoe has proved to be an active community member, even posthumously making appearances on local advertisements and posters. The famed rooster even has a pizza shop named after him! Roscoe can now be found perpetually crossing the road in Takoma Park.

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