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'The Lord'

This massive basalt sea stack stands obtrusively from the rocky coastline.  


This towering formation of basalt rock can be found along the shoreline of the Cloughfin Townland on the Islandmagee Penisula in Northern Ireland. The sea stack has been nicknamed “The Lord” for its powerful prominence standing along the battered rocky shoreline.

Stacks like these are the result of years of erosion from crashing waves. This stack is made of basalt, a dark-colored rock that forms when magma hardens. It rests on a base of amygdaloidal basalt, which has a distinctive white patterning.

The sea stack is only reachable during low tide and will involve climbing over slippery rocks, rocky outcrops and some grassland paths. During the spring and summer months it is wonderfully picturesque with the glistening sea, summer sea bird migrants like puffins, guillemots, and razorbills. As you look up the Islandmagee coastline you can see a mosaic of coastal inlets. Another famous rocky cliff path known as “The Gobbins” is located only a few miles north of the sea stacks.

Know Before You Go

The best route to get to "The Lord" sea stack is to travel to the Port Road in Islandmagee and park in the small layby outside house number 38. Beside the layby is a natural dirt track that leads all the way down to the stony beach shore below. On the left of the beach is an old Thatched House and on the right is a short grass path leading to "The Lord" sea stack. However the grass path quickly ends and the rest of your journey will be over the rocky beach shore before reaching your destination.

It is advised that you only make the journey during Low tide times and you are wearing appropriate footwear for the journey. Estimated time from Port Road could be between 30-45mins along the rocky shore to your destination and back.

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