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Trentham Monkey Forest

Stoke-on-Trent, England

An open air haven for tropical monkeys in the damp moors of the English country. 


When one thinks of the English moors, the mind tends to lean towards foggy plains and gray skies, but at Staffordshire’s Trentham Monkey Forest, the surroundings are a bit more tropical. 

This commercial sanctuary, located on the regal Trentham Estate, is home to some 140 endangered Barbary macaque monkeys who have free reign over the area’s woodlands. Visitors can walk the paths through the decidedly British forest at their leisure while the primates move through the trees overhead and even join travelers on the path. The forest is the only sanctuary of its kind in England and takes great pride in its cage-less approach. However, if one gets bored with the majesty of the monkeys interacting in an open, free environment, the park also features family-friendly amenities such as a cafe, playgrounds, and a gift shop.  

The Monkey Forest is interested in conservation as much as in tourism and have, in conjunction with their fellow institutions, successfully reintegrated over 600 of the tailless macaques back into their natural Moroccan habitat. 

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