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Tripod Rock

Boonton Township, New Jersey

This massive boulder is either a unique rock formation created by glacial melt or a magic energy vortex. 


New Jersey’s Tripod Rock is a glacial erratic, meaning it is a stone that differs in size and formation from the other rocks in the area and the way it is perched on a “tripod” of three much smaller rocks has earned the geological oddity its fair share of supernatural stories.

According to science, the massive 160-ton boulder was left perched upon the three small rocks by the receding Wisconsin glacier. However according to pseudo-science the rock (sometimes called New Jersey’s Stonehenge) may have in fact been levitated into place by magic many years ago by early inhabitants of the area. While levitation may not have factored into the stone’s placement it does have a unique orientation that would have allowed the formation to be used as a sort of primitive sundial. The rock is now a popular hiking destination and if the internet is to be believed, a powerful energy nexus as well.  

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