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The Vegreville Pysanka

Vegreville, Alberta

Possibly the world’s easiest Easter-egg hunt. 


Located in Vegreville, Alberta, the world’s largest easter egg (in the fashion of a Ukranian Easter egg or “pysanka”) weighs in at 5000 lbs, is 31 ft. tall, and 18 ft. wide, and took over 12,000 hours to complete!

More than a sculpture, it’s actually a giant jigsaw puzzle, constructed of over 3500 pieces of aluminum. Created mathematically, there are 524 star-shaped pieces and 2208 equilateral triangles. The egg is something of a mathematical landmark, its creation representing the first mathematical or geometric definition of an egg shape, and the first practical application of mathematical curve known as a “B-Spline.” The egg is tilted at a 30 degree angle and a strong wind turns the egg like a giant weather vane.

The symbolism of the egg is described in the original booklet: “By beginning at either end of the Egg in sequence, 5 distinct symbols are inherent in the design. The radiating gold star on the end section, symbolizes Life and Good Fortune… The 3 colors, bronze, silver and gold are rich colors symbolizing Prosperity. Bronze (charcoal brown) is the basic color of the design and suggests the Good Earth, the land on which our forefathers struggled for existence.”

Vegreville has one of the largest Ukrainian populations in Canada - don’t miss the annual Vegreville Pysanka festival, usually held in July.

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