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Wawel Chakra

This grubby wall is said to be one of the Earth's esoteric energy centers. 


At the Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland, there’s a mysterious corner said to contain an otherworldly force flowing from the earth. Some claim that if you spend a few minutes there, you’ll be able to feel the energy flow through you.

It’s said that this unusual space is one of Earth’s chakra points, which some believe are places that emit a strong spiritual energy. This chakra’s center is said to be beneath St. Gereon’s chapel, an 11th-century structure wedged between the Krakow Royal Castle and the cathedral.

As such, this particular corner of the castle courtyard tends to draw a rather New Age crowd. Though the chapel itself isn’t open to the public, that doesn’t stop visitors from meditating in its presence or leaning against the wall to soak up the energy.

You’ll likely see a security guard or two hovering around the corner—the Catholic church isn’t a fan of the chakra legend—and the actual “Wawel Stone” is protected within a roped-off area to discourage people from touching the chakra stone. But still, it’s worth spending a bit of time there (just be mindful that it is a bit of a walkthrough). The inside of the cathedral is spectacular as well.

Know Before You Go

Walk in the entrance past the cathedral and turn left. It's in the corner. There is a cloakroom there as well. 

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