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Zippo/Case Museum

Bradford, Pennsylvania

This collection honors the iconic, and proudly American lighter that just won't quit. 


Invented in and still proudly manufactured in the United States, Zippo lighters have called Bradford, Pennsylvania home since their inception and this fiery history of quality craftsmanship and reliable lighters is on display among hundreds of collectible versions of the American classic. 

Across 1,500 square feet of space, the Zippo/Case Museum, as it is officially known sharing display space with products from the Case knife company, thousands of Zippo lighters are on display alongside all manner of homegrown art pieces based around the trusty metal fire-starters. One star attractions is an American flag known as Old Glow’ry, made up of nearly 300 of the little lighters painted in red, white, and blue. There are neon versions of the lighter, diorama’s depicting the wind-proof lighter’s use during wartime, and countless collectible versions. Decorated with pop culture figures, political icons, sports logos, unique commemorative editions, and countless other designs, the sprawling collection of cases on display is impressive in scope.

Perhaps the most interesting attraction at the museum however is the “World Famous Zippo Clinic.” True to their promise that “It Works or We Fix It Free,” the clinic has a large viewing window through which visitors can watch the Zippo doctors work their magic. There also a number of unfixable lighters on display with the reason for their destruction listed with such colorful demises as “power mower,” “sledgehammer,” and “taxiing airplane.”

The museum is not hard to find thanks to the giant Zippo attached to the sign outdoors, which lights up with a neon flame. 

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