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London, England

Spitalfields Charnel House

Preserved behind glass, the ruins of a medieval building used to store human remains.
London, England

I Goat

Spitalfields' regal market goat is said to be a monument to the area's migrant population but most are pretty sure it's just a goat.
London, England

Tower Bridge Chimney

An architectural oddity hides in plain sight on this iconic London bridge.
London, England

Stompie: The Mandela Way T-34 Tank

An abandoned tank sits in an empty London lot as a symbolic middle finger to local city planners.
London, England

One Tree Hill

A historic hill of tall tales, with one rather special tree.
London, England

Nunhead Cemetery

A vast overgrown cemetery, once known as one of London's "Magnificent Seven."
London, England

World Trade Center Artwork

This sculpture, residing in a quiet corner of a London park, honors the victims of 9/11.
London, England

The Hitchcock Gallery

Several colorful mosaic panels depict the life and creative genius of the Master of Suspense.
London, England

Ilford Animal Cemetery

3,000 family pets and military animals are buried in this London graveyard.
Wothorpe, England

Wothorpe Towers

The ruins of a 17th-century lodge on a grand estate are being slowly restored to their former glory.
Lincolnshire, England

Woolsthorpe Manor

Isaac Newton's former home, where the famous apple tree still stands.
Nottinghamshire, England

1960s Hyperbolic Paraboloid Gas Station Canopy

One of the earliest large-scale "hyper" roofs in the U.K. is now a derelict roadside attraction.
Boroughbridge, England

Devil's Arrows

At 22 feet tall, these Bronze Age monoliths are some of the tallest standing stones in the United Kingdom.
Eamont Bridge, England

Mayburgh Henge

An impressive Neolithic henge with banks nearly 10 feet high.
Eamont Bridge, England

King Arthur's Round Table

Though this large circular site is now named for the legendary king, its history dates back to the Neolithic era.
Manchester, England

People’s History Museum

One of Manchester’s museums has gathered and preserved British political paraphernalia covering over 200 years.
Holywood, Scotland

Robert Burns Ellisland Farm

Experience history from the stomping grounds of the great Scottish poet.
Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Kirkcudbright Tolbooth

A 17th-century building that once served as the town's courthouse and jail is now a thriving art center.
Dumfries, Scotland

Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

This 900-foot structure with 20 arches crossing a Scottish river was built in the late 19th century.

Cairn Holy Chambered Cairn I & II

A stone burial chamber that was also the site of religious rituals.
Creetown, Scotland

Glenquicken Stone Circle

A gap marks the spot where a now-missing stone once completed the circular arrangement at this Neolithic site.
Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Chapel Finian

Named after a 6th-century saint, who was also a scholar.
Mochrum, Scotland

Druchtag Mote

Nine hundred years ago, this was the home of a feudal lord. Today all that remains is a steep mound surrounded by a deep moat.
Mochrum, Scotland

Drumtroddan Rock Art

Carved between 3500 and 1000 B.C., the distinctive carvings at this site are poorly understood.