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scary spring stories

Explore Sinister Spring Tales with Atlas Obscura

We find scary stories pair well with brighter days.
April 29, 2024

The Best Eclipse Songs To Add To Your Totality Playlist

From Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song” to Hans Zimmer’s “Time.”
April 2, 2024
she was there

The Women Who Overcame Insults and Even Death to Become Athletes

From bow-wielding Amazons to the trash-talking, 18th-century “Mother of Boxing.”
February 16, 2024
year in wonder 2023

The Year in Movies, TV, and Gremlins

Exploring Patricia Arquette's desert obsession, how Elvira became the queen of late night horror, and other behind-the-screen stories.
December 26, 2023
unusual ornaments

Unusual Christmas Ornaments Make the Holidays Weird and Wonderful

From a homemade Harry Potter garden gnome to a vintage scary clown ornament, readers share their favorites.
December 5, 2023

Kids Gifts For the Young and Young at Heart

A giving guide from the Atlas Obscura team.
November 28, 2023

Passing on the Olympics to Go to Space

Rugby and exploring the cosmos have more in common than you might think.
November 21, 2023

How Dance Became a Genre-Defying Musician’s Deep Obsession

I find myself increasingly drawn to the abstract, and nothing inspires me more than dance.
November 7, 2023
witch burnings

Isobel Gowdie and the Untold History of the Scottish Witch Trials

Some experts estimate as many as 3,000 people were accused and executed for witchcraft in Scotland.
October 31, 2023

The Best Halloween Songs To Usher in the Spooky Season

From The Exorcist's "Tubular Bells" to a murder ballad by Tom Waits.
October 17, 2023

For Pop Duo Aly & AJ, Vintage Watches Tell Stories and Keep the Past Alive

And wearing them onstage adds another tale to each timepiece.
September 19, 2023
from our readers

6 Bonkers Travel Stories From Our Readers

From encountering a manhunt for escaped criminals to visiting a ‘time machine’ in Southern California.
August 18, 2023
book recommendations

The 8 Best Astronomy Books For Beginners

From Mary Roach’s hilarious look at space travel to astronaut Scott Kelly’s photos documenting a year off planet.
August 10, 2023
science museums

The Bizarre True Story of Central Park’s Doomed Victorian Dinosaur Museum

For centuries, the infamous Boss Tweed was blamed for destroying its dino-models—but what really happened is even weirder.
August 3, 2023
sea lions

9 Incredible Wild Animal Encounters From Our Readers

From playing tag with sea lions to holding hands with an orangutan.
July 18, 2023
atlas obscura road trip

The 7 Best Travel Books for Summer Road Trips

From David Grann’s trek into the Amazon rainforest to explorer Craig Child’s tour through Ice Age America.
July 13, 2023
northern lights

9 Summer Night Sky Stories From Our Readers to Warm the Heart

From seeing the northern lights aboard a Navy ship in Norway to braving the cold for a glimpse of a blood moon.
June 28, 2023

How the Britpop Legends Blur Almost Launched the U.K. Space Program

What started as a late-night chat transformed into millions of dollars of funding for a Mars lander.
June 22, 2023

7 Books to Inspire Your Next Nature Adventure

From a hilarious dive into animal lawbreakers to a harrowing true crime tale in the Shenandoah Valley.
June 13, 2023

11 Hyper-Local, Unique Summer Activities From Around the World

From trying a pawpaw fruit to attending Minnesota’s gopher count.
June 2, 2023
grand canyon

The Historic Grand Canyon Adventure Two Women Had For Science

Botanists Elzada Clover and Lois Jotter braved rapids and steep cliffs to catalog numerous plant species.
May 29, 2023

Spring Is for Monsters, Ancient Rituals, and Scary Stories

From haunting tales of the Bell Witch to child-eating swamp monsters, the season is full of frights.
May 8, 2023
scary spring stories

Welcome to the Dark Side of Spring

The sun is out and the monsters are here.
May 1, 2023
aboriginal australians

The Child-Eating Bunyip Haunts Australia’s Wetlands

But its complex Aboriginal Australian origins have today been commodified and suppressed.
May 1, 2023