Who will save the helpless ducklings?! The City of Indianapolis, that’s who. Recently the city installed a series of small ramps to stop an epidemic of dead ducklings in one of their canals.

As Fox56 is reporting, the city of Indianapolis built and installed four ramps at points along its popular downtown canal to help young ducks and geese climb over the thick concrete edge. Last year the city was alerted to a number of dead ducklings in the canal which seemed to have passed away, having been unable to leave the water.

The mini-ramps are made of wood and insulation, so they can float along the surface of the water, and the tiny birds can easily board them.

It’s so far unclear the exact impact this will have on the lives of ducklings in the canal, but PETA praised the move, saying that the city, “doing the right thing in striving to coexist with local wildlife.” So if you’re in downtown Indianapolis, be sure to watch your step. The ducklings can make it to the street now.