Gold coins turns up in Salvation Army buckets across the country.
Gold coins turns up in Salvation Army buckets across the country. Eric Golub/CC BY 2.0

In Pompano Beach, Florida, the Salvation Army has discovered two very unusual coins in its one of its collection kettles, the Sun Sentinel reports. Among the quarters, dimes, and dollars, they found two 50-peso Mexico coins, made of gold and dated to 1947.

Each one of these gold coin is worth $1,400, according to the Sun Sentinel.

What’s most amazing about this find, though, is that this is the third year in a row that it’s happened. Since 2014, gold coins have been turning up in Salvation Army collection kettles stationed at Walmarts around Pompano Beach. Last year there were five gold coins found in total. The year before, there are three gold Mexican coins and two American ones. Whoever left the coins wrapped them in $1 bills to conceal the donation.

The Broward County Salvation Army isn’t the only one to receive gold coin donations, though. In Horseheads, New York, volunteers found a gold coin worth $100. In North Carolina, volunteers found a U.S. Gold Eagle $5 coin from 1881, which could be worth thousands of dollars.  In Springfield, Ohio, the gold coin came from South Africa. In Spokane, Wash., gold coins have been found for the past seven years—and this year the coin was wrapped in an $100 bill and a letter from the donor saying that, because of his age, this might the last year he could drop a special coin in the bucket.