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Kacang Pool

A “pool of beans” makes a hearty breakfast in Johor, Malaysia.

Every Malaysian state has a unique dish enjoyed for breakfast, and in the southern state of Johor, kacang pool (literally a “pool of beans”) is often what’s on the menu. This dish is a more recent creation than other famous Malaysian staples such as nasi lemak, meehoon, or roti canai.

Inspired by the Egyptian bean-based staple known as ful medames, this hearty dish consists of fava beans that get cooked with spices (and sometimes ground meat) until they have a rich and smooth texture. A single sunny-side up egg is then gently placed on top, with slices of lime, green chilis, and red onions to finish it off. It’s often used as a dip for thick Hainanese-style toast.

Kacang pool is usually found only in its home state of Johor (a particularly famous restaurant near the Larkin Bus Terminal serves it daily), but it is starting to show up in other parts of West Malaysia. Keep a look out for stalls and restaurants that list kacang pool on the menu.

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