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Alice on Wednesday

Go through the looking glass in Tokyo's Wonderland-themed shop. 


Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice on Wednesday is not your ordinary shopping experience. Much like the fantasy land created in the book, the three-story themed store in the heart of Tokyo’s Harajuku district is itself a place of exploration and wonder.

The exploration begins from the moment you step up to the building. There are multiple doors on the outside of the store, but only one leads you inside. Make the right choice and find yourself inside the first of the shop’s themed floors, the White room. 

The White room offers food and drinks, from tea to the mysterious “Drink Me” bottles from the story. The second floor, the Queen of Hearts room, is dedicated to accessories, and is the spot where you can pick up your very own version of the white rabbit’s pocket watch. The third floor, the Mad Hatter room, sells Alice-themed clothing and merchandise.

The shop is decorated with art reminiscent of both the books and Disney’s adaptations, strongly influenced by the 2010 live action film by Tim Burton. There are key-holes to peep through to find hidden tableaux, a picture of the Cheshire Cat whose eyes follow your movement, and the Queen of Hearts’ throne that screams “Off with her head!” from time to time. Many of the shop’s accessories also feature Sir John Tenniel’s original book illustrations.

The store’s name is obviously a nod to Carroll’s iconic character, but what about the second part? Well, the owners have said they named it for what they consider the week’s most boring day. They are hoping their own Wonderland will bring a little magic to the mid-week.

Know Before You Go

At times the store can get very busy, so the employees hand out designated time slots to interested visitors. Try to go at less busy times, such as (ironically) mid-week in the daytime.

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