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Bennett Park

The highest point on the island known for buildings that touch the sky. 


On an island paved many times over, tunneled many times under, and built into the sky, Manhattan’s highest natural point still stands next to a playground in Washington Heights.

At 265.05 feet above sea level, a large Manhattan schist rock in Bennett Park contains the plaque. Fort Washington was built here at this strategic point in 1776, where the Continental Army delayed the British as they marched on New York. A commemorative stele stands in the park, and re-enactments of the battle are held here.

For those wishing to claim the highest point in Manhattan and thus New York County, please also visit Linden Terrace at Fort Tryon Park, which appears at over 260 feet above sea level on contour maps.

Know Before You Go

Bennett Park is near the 181st Street subway station.

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