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Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

Only intact Ichthyosaur skeleton in the United States. 


South of tiny Austin, Nevada, in desolate Nye county lies Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park.

This area displays the fossilized remains of approximately eight Ichthyosaurs, including one that was, until recently, the largest known in North America. A reconstruction of this prehistoric dolphin-like reptile is shown on a giant billboard display. The vertebrae of these creatures are the size of dinner plates, and were reportedly used as such by miners living in Berlin.

Also inside of the State Park, one can find the ghost town of Berlin, which continues to draw visitors, even though there isn’t much left to see here: People have stripped the town attractions down to everything but the mine shafts. The Diana Mine in Ione is a popular attraction as, patrolled by State Park rangers with some regularity, it is considered to be safe and probably doesn’t house any squatters.

Know Before You Go

23 miles east of Gabbs, via State Route 844.

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