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Britton Hill

DeFuniak Springs, Florida

The highest point in Florida is still the lowest high point in the country. 


Dotted with farms, forests, and gentle hills, the western half of the Florida Panhandle isn’t the Florida most vacationers are familiar with, but near to the Alabama border is the highest of these rises at 345 feet above sea level, known as Britton Hill, the highest point in Florida, but the lowest such peak in the nation.

The hill is located in Lakewood Park, a nondescript roadside with park picnic tables, some basic facilities, and short hiking trails through the nearby woods, but the real attraction is at the hill’s summit. Named after the lumber mill baron who developed the area, William Henry Britton, the record setting peak is marked by a stone marker in the middle of a dilapidated rotunda. As the nation’s lowest highpoint, Britton Hill offers a wide, view of the surrounding landscape, but the view is often obstructed by tree lines that dwarf the hill. In fact the Florida state high point is so low, it is lower than the LOWEST points in at least 16 other states. Britton Hill will never win any awards for verticality but peak baggers and high pointers across the country continue to honor the humble elevation.  

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