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Cement Cemetery

Mysterious concrete spires left on a small Canadian hill. 


Located on the outskirts of northwest Winnipeg, the mysterious concrete spires known as the “Cement Cemetery” does not seem to mark the dead but instead industrial progress.

While well-known to locals, the actual purpose of the smattering of thin cement spikes has never been “concretely” nailed down. Numbers have been marked into the skinny poles indicating that the leftovers are most likely the remnants of concrete testing. This version of the site’s origin is supported by reports of a former concrete company by the name of “Inland” owning the land around the 1950’s-60’s, but this fact has not been set in stone either. Whether the site is an alien graveyard or a remnant of industrial experimentation, it continues to capture the imagination of locals looking to chip away at its enigmatic background.

Update June 2020: The Manitoba Historical Society has investigated the history of this place in detail. 

Know Before You Go

Drive to the corner of Sturgeon Road and Inkster Avenue, then turn north on Sturgeon Road.

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