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Magneto Mural

The Master of Magnetism dominates the walls of a scrap metal yard to keep graffiti artists at bay. 


The walls outside of AAA Scrap Iron and Metal in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh were constantly covered with graffiti tags. As soon as the walls were repainted, new marks would quickly reappear. Thankfully, local street artist Jeremy Raymer came up with an idea to put an end to the unsanctioned artwork.

Raymer pitched the idea of covering the wall with a mural to stop it from being a blank canvas that seemed to beckon graffiti artists. Using 60 cans of spray paint with varying tones of bright red and purple colors, Raymer painted the X-Men series’ arch-villain Magneto on the wall.

The startlingly realistic, larger-than-life creation is definitely eye-catching. The villain’s arms run along the fence and his torso covers two stories on the company’s office building. The comic book antagonist is a fitting choice for the scrap metal dealer. His outstretched hands seem to pull metal toward the building itself in accordance with his magnetic powers.

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