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Packrat Antiques is permanently closed.

Packrat Antiques

Curios, scientific antiques, oddities for sale. 


An unsual place to buy weird old stuff, complete with a grumpy owner.Described as filled with “Rows and rows of glass cases filled with odd gadgets and whatsits” and a “Mad scientist’s dream come true.” 

Packrat carries “Old telescopes, microscopes, cameras, carbide lamps, chemistry sets, locks, electric gizmo’s like static generators, glass insulators” along with many other curios.

If you find yourself in Denver looking for some 19th Century navigational equipment, skeleton key, mortuary tools, and opium pipe or a daguerrotype, Packrat is likely your best bet.

Update: Now closed.

Know Before You Go

Google maps the address. Easy parking on the street and around the area.

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