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Parque Gulliver

This massive fiberglass Gulliver turns every visitor into a Lilliputian. 


In Gulliver’s Travels, the titular character is tied down by fearful Lilliputians who climb all over him in an attempt to subdue the “giant” and visitors can relive this famous literary scene at the Parque Gulliver in Spain.

This surreally large play park is constructed to resemble a giant stylized Gulliver which kids and adults alike can climb all over and slide down. The structure features multiple slides and stairways hidden around the massive body and hidden in the concrete folds of his clothes. The park’s sleeping colossus is so large that even the strands of Gulliver’s hair are huge slides.

Gulliver’s towering hat is off to the side of the playground as though casually dropped at his side, and in a meta-flourish, there is a miniature model of the recumbent Gulliver Park so that visitors can get an idea of what the site looks like from above.  

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