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West Highland Way Mural

This mural condenses 96 miles of one of Scotland's best-known trails into a unique art display.  


The northern Glasgow suburb of Milngavie is considered the starting point of the West Highland Way, one of Scotland’s best-known trails that stretches about 96 miles north of this point. An underpass connecting Milngavie’s main street with its train station is home to a colorful mural that celebrates this trail.

This mural is the work of the Art Pistol collective and condenses the 96 miles of the trail into approximately 144 feet (44 meters), depicting the topography and extension of the West Highland Way to scale and cartographic accuracy on one side. Along the way, characteristics and animals of the Highlands make an appearance, from salmon to stags and hares.

The opposite side of the mural showcases a more abstract depiction of Milngavie within the Glasgow urban area and the iconic Clyde River. According to Art Pistol, it’s likely that this might be the largest “to scale” mural in the world.

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