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Reading, England

Maiwand Lion

The lion represents a fascinating part of English history, and the story of a man who obsessed over its creation.
Isle of Wight, England

Ventnor Winter Gardens

In the 1930s, people used to take boats from the mainland to see this Art Deco venue.
Glastonbury, England

Chalice Well (The Red Spring)

An ancient well nestled at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, shrouded in Arthurian legend and revered for its purported healing waters.
Lyme Regis, England

Mary Anning Statue

A beautiful bronze statue of the greatest fossil hunter of the 19th century.
Dorset, England

Bovington Tank Range

A popular day's outing in Bovington consists of watching military tank driving practice.
Bournemouth, England

Fisherman's Walk Cliff Lift

The world's shortest funicular ferries beachgoers a whopping 128 feet from clifftop to shore.
West Sussex, England

Millennium Seed Bank

Nearly 2 billion seeds from 38,000 species are stored and processed at this visitable facility in a quiet corner of England.
East Molesey, England

The Great Vine

The world's largest grapevine has produced a delicious harvest at Hampton Court Palace for almost 250 years.
Windsor, England

The Queen's Swans at Windsor

All unmarked mute swans on the Thames are owned by the Queen per a tradition that began in the 12th century.
Bath, England

Beazer Garden Maze

Created by one of England's most prolific labyrinth designers, inspired by Bath city history.
Alresford, England

Alresford Spy Toilet

These public toilets were used as a dead drop by pro-Soviet spies to trade British military secrets during the Cold War.
Rome, Italy

Arch of Janus

This one-of-a-kind Roman arch is not actually dedicated to the god Janus.
Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii Thermopolium

Before it was buried by volcanic ash, this fast-food restaurant fed the hungry hordes of ancient Rome.
Pompeii, Italy

The Brothels of Pompeii

Erotic art covers the walls of the largest ancient pleasure palace.
Portsmouth, England

Hatch the Mary Rose Dog

Discovered on a shipwreck after more than 400 years, this Renaissance ratter tells a very waggly tale.
London, England

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

Traveling collection of amazing automata.
Cornwall, England

The Eden Project

The largest greenhouse in the world is home to over one million types of plants.
Bath, England

Head of Sulis Minerva

The accidental discovery of this gilt bronze head led archaeologists to find the Roman Baths in the city of Bath
Reading, England

Silchester Eagle

Once believed to be a sacred Roman legionary symbol, this bronze figure inspired the 1954 novel 'The Eagle of the Ninth.'
Stockbridge, England

Danebury Hillfort

One of the most studied Iron Age settlements in Europe.
Basingstoke, England

Wote Street Willy

A sincere and thoughtful art installation, mistaken by many as a statue of a penis.
Cerne Abbas, England

St. Augustine's Well

This miraculous well is said to heal the sick, grant wishes, and tell the future.
Peldon, England

The Strood

This ancient causeway can flood daily, leaving Mersea Island as a true island for hours at a time, and cutting its 7,000 residents off from the mainland.
Old Alresford, England

Alresford Eel House

A rare example of a building constructed specifically for catching eels.