Upon opening their eyes to the world, baby ducklings instantly identify the first thing they see as their mother. This ”imprinting,” as it’s known, helps them establish their identity, form a bond, and follow a leader—and once they start following, they don’t stop. 

There are instances when the first thing a newborn hatchling sees its not its mom, but rather a dog, cat, person, or even an inanimate object like a pair of boots. While being followed by a trail of ducklings may sound like the ultimate ego boost, be careful what you wish for. As these videos show, the little chirpers get really attached.

 Boy, can that duckling scamper!

Duckling see, duckling do. 

Ducklings will follow their mother anywhere.

These ducklings and guinea pigs are just hanging out. Gotta rest after all that running to and fro.

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