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Casket Arts Building

A Building for Your (Former) Funerary Needs. 


Built in 1887, the Casket Building is one of the oldest structures in Minneapolis.

Though currently utilized as an artist studio building, the building comes with quite a history. Incorporated in 1882, the Northwestern Casket Company occupied the massive brick building all the way through 2006. In its lengthy Northeast heyday, however, the Casket Co. (which is now located in New Hope, MN) manufactured and distributed a variety of funerary necessities such caskets, vaults, high-quality funeral cars, burial garments, and more.

Today the building is bustling with vitality with over 100 artists occupying studios within the space. It’s been polished up and thoughtfully renovated, keeping the old-timey industrial charm - and a whiff of the building’s former morbid creepiness - intact.

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