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Fleetwood Church

Brandy Station, Virginia

This abandoned church languishing for decades is now one man's passion project and subject of paranormal investigators. 


This rickety, spooky-looking church with an iconic, pointy steeple is believed to have been built around 1880.

The surrounding area of Brandy Station and the very grounds the church stands on were the stage for major battles during the American Civil War.

It is believed by some that the church is home to restless spirits of soldiers and locals who perished during the war. The church has been featured on a local television show investigating the paranormal activity inside.

The current owner of the church, Steve Pollett, bought the property in 2014. Pollett has been working tirelessly to stabilize and restore the historic structure for the past several years.

Much of what is known about the church is chronicled in a forward in a Fleetwood Methodist Church cookbook that dates back to the 1960s. According to records, the first pastor of the church was the Reverend John W. Carroll who “lead the church to great heights of activity and service.” 

The church would later become part of a four-church charge called the North Culpeper Charge. There were also plans to relocate the church to land owned by the Pound family, but they never came to fruition.

Pollett continues to work on restoring the historic church. In his view, it is important to keep the history of this place alive so that people can see what the church was like during its prime years.

Know Before You Go

The church is next door to the Graffiti House on Brandy Road in Brandy Station. It stands on private property, so unless you are there for a sanctioned event, please do not trespass.

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