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Pittsburgh's Snoopy Doghouse

Despite being stolen multiple times, this civic electrician's street corner Snoopy won't be stopped. 


Built by a Pittsburgh Public Works carpenter, the sleeping Snoopy and his doghouse keeps electrical conduits and wires out of the way of pedestrians with whimsical tribute to Charles M. Schulz.

Near the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and Stanwix Street in downtown Pittsburgh, Snoopy sleeps on his doghouse in an iconic 3D image straight from the Peanuts comics. When carpenter Ron Gembarosky needed to cover wiring and sockets for electrical work, he built the first version of the doghouse in February of 2000 in honor of Charles Schulz, who had passed away earlier in the month.

Despite Gembarosky’s attempts to bring a little cartoon magic to the city, the lounging Snoopy figure was stolen just months later. Gembarosky replaced the reclining canine, this time taking care to make sure the figure was bolted in place, but a few months after that the entire doghouse was uprooted and absconded with.  

With better luck than Charlie Brown himself, the stolen doghouse actually turned up on a random apartment’s balcony, the tenants having purchased the cartoon monument from some ne’er-do-wells on a street corner. The house was replaced over the electrical conduits where it remains to this day, occasionally marked with a Pittsburgh Steelers logo, and occasionally refurbished, but never again stolen. Good grief. 

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Snoopy's doghouse is located near the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and Stanwix Street, in Pittsburgh's downtown. 

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