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The Singapore Stone

An undeciphered text is inscribed on a mysterious stone slab.

Old Hill Street Police Station

Rainbow shutters decorate this former police station.
Lund, Sweden

Meridianen för den Akademiska Kvarten (Meridian for the Academic Quarter)

The marker that allows students all over the world to be late for class.
Luleå, Sweden


The world's first purpose-built indoor shopping mall opened in Sweden in 1955.
Lund, Sweden

Intighet (Nothingness)

The indecision over what to place in this square was immortalized with a plaque.
Lund, Sweden

Newton's Apple Tree

A living descendant of the famous tree that helped Isaac Newton develop the theory of gravity.
Lund, Sweden

Skissernas Museum

The Lund University's former gym houses a museum focusing on the creative process of art.
Luleå, Sweden

Luleå Ice Roads

Explore the frozen river and take a walk to a nearby island on some of the longest ice roads in Sweden.
Lund, Sweden

Runstenskullen (The Rune Stone Hill)

These ancient rune stones plucked from the countryside now call this university park home.
Malmö, Sweden

Limhamn Limestone Quarry

This quarry filled with 65 million-year-old limestone is now home to a nature reserve.
Västerås, Sweden

Utter Inn

A floating underwater hotel, created by a Swedish artist.
Mumbai, India

The Lion & Tiger Statues

These animal carvings stand as a representation of India and Britain.
Haridwar, India

Har Ki Pauri

The Hindu god Vishnu is said to have walked at this Hindu pilgrimage site.
Pune, India

Parvati Hill Cave

The caves are the oldest surviving structures in the city of Pune.
Mumbai, India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

An architectural marvel that combines Gothic architecture with Indian elements.
Pune, India

Trishund Ganpati Temple

This basalt temple in the center of Pune was built more than 250 years ago.
Darjeeling, India

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Inside this Darjeeling museum, you can see a pair of boots that once stood at the top of the world.
Darjeeling, India

Mahakal Mandir

At this unique temple in Darjeeling, Hindu and Buddhist practices co-exist harmoniously.
Kolkata, India

Terreti Bazaar

For just a few hours each morning, this market serves specialties from the city's shrinking Chinese-Indian community.
Jaipur, India

Amber Fort

This opulent 16th-century Maharaja’s palace is a unique mix of Hindu and Muslim designs.
Modhera, India

Modhera Sun Temple

An architectural marvel that dates back to the zenith of Indian architecture.
Pune, India

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

A collection of over 20,000 priceless artifacts collected by a single person over several decades.
Malacca, Malaysia

A Famosa

Built by the Portuguese colonists in the early 16th century, this fort is one of the oldest European structure in Asia.
Langkawi, Malaysia

Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

This statue of an eagle taking flight welcomes visitors to Langkawi.